NEWFOUNDLAND is a ground for artistic research and dialogue, a place where experimental artists, scientists, carpenters and gardeners share progressive ideas with like-minded colleagues.

The concept of NEWFOUNDLAND is inspired by the idea of gardening, as the practice of growing and cultivating. The aim is to create a platform and connect people, push for the idea of sharing, support and encourage interdisciplinary research and dialogue, opening a platform for feedback and critical exchange as well as to offer a new experimental zone, where the artists are able to step out of their comfort zone and be part of a new experience.

NEWFOUNDLAND will last for one month and will occur during the period of August 2017. It’s taking place in two locations. One is ARTENOVA– an empty 5floor old furniture house recently occupied by local artist willing to open the space for further sharing of knowledge and practices. The second one is DE SERRES – a green house located in Hever (5 minutes by train from Mechelen Central station) where we are going to sleep with plants and continue with cooking, readings, rituals and talks within the practice of gardening the choreographic.

Who we are?

The Pool is a container for performing and visual artists exploring, complicating, and resituating “choreography.” The group is comprised of over 65 artists from the Middle East, South America, Russia, Australia, United States and Europe.  After being selected and participating in danceWEB 2016 at ImpulsTanz under the mentorship of Tino Sehgal and Louise Höjer, the group decided to continue an association for research, support, and projects. November 2016  marked the first simultaneous gatherings of The Pool in Paris and New York.

The Pool  wishes to broaden this practice of gathering, sharing knowledge and experiences and therefore wants to invite international and local artists in interdisciplinary dialogue with dancers, choreographers, visual artists, scientists, writers, philosophers, carpenters and gardeners.

It will be a pleasure for us to share with you this time and space in NEWFOUNDLAND as an opportunity to grow together the responsibility of taking care of each other through artistic practices.